Set in a trailer park called Paradise. "You're just wasting your God-given talents if you don't get yourself something besides a little ole harmonica to play." Wylene made it sound so easy. Martin had always like music—liked to listen to it, liked to make up tunes in his head. But all he had to do was say the word "piano" to his father and all hell would break loose. His father thought music was for sissies, and was always mad at Martin for not being good at baseball. But with a lot of help from his friends Wylene and Sybil and his grandmother, Hazeline, Martin learns that, although he can't change his father, he can learn to stick up for himself. With humor, pathos, and a colorful cast of offbeat characters, Barbara O'Connor shows that there's room for genius wherever there's a place for compassion—even in Paradise.

ALA Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults, 2004
Children's Book Council Summer Reading Showcase, 2000
Family Fun Magazine Best Books of the Year, 1997

Beethoven in Paradise
FS&G, 1997
Frances Foster Books
Jacket art:
David Small
ISBN 978-0-37430-666-3
PB 978-0-37440-588-5
Ages 10 and up

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