A girl abandoned by her mother discovers the feeling of family.

Pearl's mother, Ruby, just up and left her with Aunt Ivy, who's a complete stranger to Pearl. "Your mama's done gone off the deep end," Ivy says, and Pearl wonders if she'll ever come back—Ruby has always been wild and irresponsible. So Pearl is stuck with Aunt Ivy, and Moonpie, the neighbor boy whose mother doesn't want him, either, and John Dee, Aunt Ivy's beau. But these three people seem to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, in a way that Pearl can't comprehend, and she feels left out. As she starts to understand what connects them, and how much she wants to be a part of it, Ruby appears.

With a vividly depicted setting, emotional truth, and a distinctly Southern voice, Barbara O'Connor shows how Pearl develops a whole new notion of what she wants, and what she deserves.

Awards & Distinctions
Bank Street College Best Books of the Year 2002 
Chicago Parent Magazine Best Books of 2001
Child Magazine Best Books of the Year 2001
Parents Choice Gold Award 2001

State Awards
Kentucky Bluegrass Award Nominee 2002 
Maine Regional Library System Cream of the Crop 2002
Massachusetts Book Award 2002

Moonpie and Ivy
FS&G, 2001
Frances Foster Books
Jacket art:
Michelle Chang
ISBN 978-0-37435-059-8
PB 978-0-37445-320-6
Ages 10 and up
Teacher's Guide
Parents' Choice Gold Award
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