Things at Jennalee's house are just plain crazy, which is why she loves her predictable days helping Uncle Beau (who isn't really her uncle) at his general store. But then Rupert Goody shows up, claiming to be Uncle Beau's son. Jennalee can't believe it, because Rupert is black and Uncle Beau is white. But Uncle Beau tells her it is true and incorporates Rupert into his life, ruining Jennalee's routine.

Although Rupert is slow, he is kind-hearted and tries hard to please. When more unforeseen events—this time frightening ones—further interrupt life at the store, Jennalee comes to see that Rupert Goody, odd though he may be, is certainly not the worst unexpected thing that could come along, and that he belongs with Uncle Beau as much as she does. With a vividly depicted setting, emotional truth, and a distinctly Southern voice, Barbara O'Connor shows that there is love enough to go around.

Awards & Distinctions
Me and Rupert Goody
won the Dolly Gray Award, which recognizes high quality fictional children's books with positive portrayals of individuals with developmental disabilities.

ALA Notable Book 2000
School Library Journal Best Books 1999
Bank Street College Best Books of the Year 2000

State Awards
Georgia Book Award Nominee 2001-2002
Kansas City Public Library Best Books 1999
Kentucky Bluegrass Award Nominee 2001

FS&G, 1999
Frances Foster Books
ISBN 978-0-37434-904-2
PB 978-0-37444-804-2
Ages 10 and up
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