""The author ... creates a strong sense of this small South Carolina community ... Against this realistic backdrop, she places characters whose idiosyncrasies make them believable; memorable, convincing portrayals of interracial friendships and spats; and a sympathetic child who struggles to make a good decision when neither choice seems clearly right. A rewarding read."

"O'Connor deftly blends humor and poignancy in this subtle, boy's-eye-view of race relations and religion in a close-knit small town."

"O'Connor explores the dynamics of a tight-knit Southern community. ... ultimately celebrating the bonds of custom and affection that keep the town humming."

"O'Connor has written a well-developed, intriguing short novel with a suspenseful clue-filled story line proposing an ethical dilemma that will keep readers wanting to know the outcome. Good premise and delivery make this a thought-provoking choice for discussion."

Taking Care of Moses
FS&G, 2004
Frances Foster Books
Jacket art:
Tom Yezerski
ISBN 978-0-374-38038-0
Ages 8-12

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