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O’Connor has spun a lovely read that perfectly captures the schemes and plans of school-age kids in the long days of summer. 

This well-crafted novel creates a charming mix of the commonplace and the extraordinary….Appealing and authentic, this tale of summertime adventure will be a hit with readers year round.

O’Connor masterfully twists the two plot threads….[and] fashions a geography of childhood freedom.

O’Connor has perfect pitch with this comic adventure, which ends with a happy resolution everyone, even the frog, can live with

“Owen Jester tiptoed across the gleaming linoleum floor and slipped the frog into the soup.” This opening line, like much of O’Connor’s storytelling, strikes with lightning-fast characterization.... O'Connor's funny, triumphant tale reveals the wisdom of listening to one's inner voice over the noise of one's peers. 

The Small Adventure of Popeye and Elvis
FS&G, 2010
ISBN 978-0-037-436850-0
Ages 9-12
Teaching Guide

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